I think that everyone should call or visit your friends at least once a week!

There is much more return in giving than you can imagine.

Make sure your older friends see you often – they love to share their life with someone.

I was a computer repair man, my customers are more like my friends. I love everyone, but I do have a soft spot for elderly or handicapped people.

I’m looking for someone in Lincoln, Nebraska who would teach me more about electronics – I love to make some electronics parts into a project!

I’d like to create a hobby group that can meet in my house.



The History

After escaping socialism from (Czechoslovakia that no longer exist) I landed here in lovely Lincoln, Nebraska, USA!!!

It is the best place to live and grow a family.

That was back in middle of 1981, the rest is the best part of my life!


Few years ago I started to play with an Arduino and electronics again. Now it is one of my hobbies – thank you Hari! But I have many more  hobbies, including 3D printers  and my passion for photography. But that isn’t all, I have tools like a small lathe and CNC (very small), welding and woodworking…too many to count.

The most important is to help others! 

That is what drives me every day.

Favorite Places

I have been fortunate to see and live in other places, like Austria and my birthplace, but my new country USA is by far the best place on the earth. 

Europe and Canada are also very very nice! If you go to Europe make sure to rent a car, or buy a train ticket that lets you visit many great cities! Prague is also fantastic, Nurnberg, Berlin, Viena, BudaPest and many more cities will keep you entertained including Amsterdam!

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